Liposuction surgery in India is the perfect choice to reduce the fat lying under the skin folds and reform body contour. The price for the liposuction in India is very less compare to other countries. Now the Indian metro cities of Delhi , Mumbai and Bangalore have set up good cosmetic surgery clinics to deal with abroad cases for liposuction surgery in India.Liposuction surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure also known as lipoplasty means fat modeling or Liposculpture, means suction assisted fat removal or suction lipectomy means operation that removes fat from different parts of the body. The devices used to remove the fat are cannula and an aspirator. It is a form of body contouring but not a weight loss procedure. Liposuction surgery in India has attracted many people who desire fat removal from their body for a good health.

Cosmetic surgery hospitals in India have the latest technologies inbuilt, laser-tripped probes are one of the latest technology found potential benefit than the traditional method. The cosmetic surgeons in India performing the liposuction surgery in India are well qualified and experienced. They provide an ultimate treatment programme to the utmost satisfaction of the international patients.

The procedure of liposuction surgery may be performed under General or local anesthesia. It is idle for the patient to quit smoking for several months before surgery to be fit as possible; no anticoagulants should be taken for two weeks before the surgery, fasting for 24 hours before the surgery is required.

Before proceeding in to the surgery the cosmetic surgeon may discuss the exact area to be treated, a consent form is signed by the patient on the day of the surgery, the targeted areas are marked on the body while the candidate in standing position, some photos will be taken to show the difference of before and after surgery.

To undergo liposuction one must be above 18 years old and must be good in general health. The surgery most often performed in the abdomen and highs of the women, abdomen and flanks of the men.

The following factors are considered during the Liposuction surgery are

The removal of the right amount of fat

The blood vessels and the connective tissues are rarely disturbed

Not to disturb the fluid balance of the patient

To provide all comfort to the patient and cosmetic surgeon as well.

Liposuction surgery in India is almost done safe, easy, painless and effective.

The fat cells are removed successfully with less blood loss, less discomfort, less risks at less costs been improved within three decades. Recent developments suggest that the recovery period is shortened.

Depending on the extent of the liposuction patient generally able to return to work in a couple of days or in couple of weeks. Normal activities can be resumed earlier, depending on the procedure. An evident final result can be found in 4 to 6 months.

The suctioned fat cells are permanently gone. However, if the patient does not diet and exercise properly, the remaining fat cell neighbors could still enlarge, creating irregularities.

Some of the side effects that are medically minor and can be uncomfortable

Swelling may be subsided in one or two weeks.

Scars will be small and disappeared soon as the incision is small

Pain and numbness can be controlled by the medications

Limited mobility will be resumed by the early normal activities

To limit the above side effects the some of the precautionary factors are adopted for a short while like

Wearing a compression garments must be used for two to four weeks

Keeping the head elevated

Temporary swelling or pain

Complications are rare and certain risks are minor and temporary. Some of the risks are

Allergic reaction to medication, surgical material used and anesthesia.


Damage to the skin, skin necrosis

Puncture of the inner organs

Thromboembolism and fat embolism

Fluid imbalance

To recovery soon and to restore the health the patient should drink enough water after surgery to avoid dehydration. They should avoid keeping the heating pads on the treated areas.

India still of follows the culture and tradition, their hospitality, the pleasing nature and approach towards the patients adds more attraction to the abroad patients. Main and most of the important fact is the cost of the liposuction surgery in India that is less expensive compare to other countries. Liposuction surgery in India will make you acquainted with the traditions and cultural heritage of India.

If you are traveling India for the medical ailment during the summer season, the Northern part that borders the world’s longest mountain range, the Himalayas, is pleasant. The South also has its hill stations and most certainly the mountains of Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Northern Uttar Pradesh. The famous hill resorts of the South like Kodai Kanal, Ootacamund and Coorg, besides Darjeeling, Sikkim are recommended in summer season. You can enjoy pleasant vacations during your stay at the Indian metros for getting liposuction surgery in India.

The Government of India has withdrawn the temporary landing permit facility till further notice. Hence it is compulsory that all foreign tourists must be in possession of a valid Indian Visa. But if you are coming to India for a medical treatment or surgery then you won’t have any problem as you will require a simple medical visa to plan a liposuction surgery in India. Be sure to visit and also Email your queries to to know more information about the liposuction surgery in India.