Accumulation of fat around abdominal is a common phenomenon with most of the people. Still women due to pregnancy or older man having lose skin around stomach tend to get fat and that kind of fat is very difficult to remove. Even after trying hard with various diets and exercises, such fat tend to linger on. In such cases at times one’s inability to remove it leads to cases of depression. One can also feel frustrated.

Tummy tuck is a procedure known as abdominoplasty is a possible solution for such a situation. Unlike liposuction, in tummy tuck the person undergoes an operation, where an incision is made and extra fat with bad skin is removed. It offers a better stomach with slim contours yet it actually removes skin so it generates lot of scarring. The amount scarring depends on the amount of fat to be removes. Like extensive fat removal could lead to hip to hip scar. In that situation compared to liposuction, it’s a procedure with better tummy but a possibility of getting a scar. Though in lot many cases one undergoes mini-abdominoplasty, where the scar due to the procedure is very small. It’s like the scar one gets when a c-section is performed on a person. In this situation, there is also a possibility that the area on incision is below belly button and is small in nature. At times it’s also possible that the scar can be hidden below the undergarment one wears and is not visible even when wearing swimming trunks or use of bikini. It makes sense to carefully examine issues related to aesthetic considerations.

While thinking of such a procedure, the consultant normally would tell you in detail the kind of scar you would get. They after examination will tell you the kind and amount of fat as well as skin need to be removed and the possible skin contour is possible with the kind of bone and body structure you have. Though a word of caution, if you have more than 50% of your ideal weight as excess fat, then first see a weight consultant before considering a cosmetic surgery. While undergoing such surgery one need to take certain precautions to make recovery speedy and safe. Like if you are a smoker than give up smoking 1 month before and after surgery. At the same time, with every person the anatomical structure of body changes, so the consultant after examining your case file and body will give you more point of caution and thing to take care of while undergoing the surgery.

Also if you decide to undergo such procedure make sure the cosmetic surgeon and their team is of well repute and are certified medical professionals. The surgery as such removes extra fat and also dead skin parts, making it possible for you to get much tighter skin. The contour thus achieved is much better in terms of aesthetics and feels pretty young.

Post surgery recovery is usually requires one to stay at the medical facility for 1 to 2 nights. And are given pain killers to make sure pain due to surgery is minimum. If required for extra need, one can also be administered pain killers through IV. Though that purely depends upon the condition of the patient. After the procedure, one can get back to normal work activity within 2 weeks. Yet driving should be avoided till one is orally taking pain medication. Light exercise can also be undertaken by 6 to 8 weeks. Normally the swelling due to the operation subsides with in 3 months and the skin start feeling normal again.

In all, abdominoplasty also advantages and falls short. The loss of fat from the skin and tighten the muscles are much better achieved with a belly, but permanent scar. Long as the sacrifice is something that not everyone is comfortable. Second thing to consider is that the tanning of the skin is irregular, at least 2 years. Sometimes, the feeling of losing is also true. Although in most cases, is temporary in some cases could lead to the feeling of losing. Second thing is not to have expectations too, because it is not a procedure that will give you the best image. It is rather a way to bring a change in the health of your body.

Ideally, one must weigh properly the positives and negatives before making such decision. Also you must have an open discussion with your doctor so that you can raise all kind of issues and are in position to take an informed, well thought of decision. Abdominoplasty is a genuine solution to a stubborn problem most of us face today and it’s a well received procedure with minimal complications. Just make sure that you know it thoroughly before making the final decision.