Liposuction and Smartlipo?

Considering liposuction as a means to end your battle with stubborn fat deposits? Then you’ll be interested to know about SmartLipoTM, a cutting edge advancement in liposuction using advanced laser technology.

Perhaps you’ve heard about lasers being used for dental procedures and LASIK eye surgery. Today, the same advanced technology is quickly making SmartLipo the procedure of choice for liposuction patients and cosmetic surgeons, because it’s faster, safer and more cost-effective.

SmartLipo can treat smaller areas of fat, such as the chin, or can more accurately target larger surface areas of the abdomen, jowls, face and neck, arms and thighs. SmartLipo melts and liquefies accumulated fat within the fat cells, smoothing and tightening skin more effectively than tumescent liposuction does.

How is SmartLipo Done?

During tumescent liposuction, the surgeon first injects a saline solution containing lidocaine (for local anesthesia) and epinephrine (to reduce bleeding) into the treatment areas. This volume of fluid makes it easier to suction out the fatty tissue.

No saline solution is necessary for SmartLipo. A local anesthetic is still given, but the laser breaks up the fat cells instantly and the fat and fluid released from them drains off into the body’s lymphatic system and is excreted.

Other SmartLipo advantages include:

·         Decreased treatment time

·         Reduced invasiveness

·         Speedier healing time

·         More effective removal of fat

·         Decreased swelling and bruising

·         More effective skin tightening

·         Even less bleeding than in tumescent liposuction

What is a laser?

The word is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is a man-made light that does not scatter its light rays as a flashlight does, for example, or a car’s headlights. Instead, the light rays travel in a parallel and directional way.

They also have a single wavelength, which makes each laser a specific color. This differs from white lights which contain all colors and many wavelengths. Therefore a laser can be precisely directed at a treatment zone and will not affects any nearby tissue.

First developed in Europe, then approved by the FDA in November 2006, the SmartLipo procedure is the first laser-assisted liposuction procedure. Fully-qualified cosmetic surgeons across the U.S. have recognized it as a highly advanced liposuction technology. Cynosure, manufacturer of SmartLipo, reports that the procedure is quickly surpassing traditional liposuction in popularity.

The best candidates for SmartLipo:

·        Are in good health

·        Are within 25 lbs of their normal weight

·        Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly

·        Have one or several stubborn fat deposits

·       Feel embarrassed because of fat deposits and motivated to do something about it