The tumescent technique is a revolutionary method of performing liposuction surgery. The innovative technique uses a tumescent solution to reduce post-operative pain, bleeding, bruising and swelling. Because the solution greatly reduces blood loss during the procedure, a blood transfusion is often not necessary. So, what is Tumescent Solution and how can it help your liposuction procedure?

What Does Tumescent Solution Do?

Tumescent solution is a liquid injected into the areas of the body that are storing excess fat. The liquid contains a generous amount of anesthetic to help reduce the pain. In many cases, the surgeon uses up to three times the amount of liquid in comparison to the amount of fat being removed.

When the tumescent solution is injected, it causes the fat to become tumesced, or firm. With the fat compartments now swollen and firm, it makes it much easier for the liposuction cannula to move under the skin. It also makes fat removal much easier, reducing stress on the body.

Tumescent solution is exceptionally valuable when having liposuction performed on the face, neck, calves, ankles and arms, as these areas require more precision than other areas of the body.

Are There any Risks With the Tumescent Solution Liposuction Procedure?

Liposuction surgery performed using the tumescent technique offers the exact same risks as a normal liposuction surgery. Typically, the only other risks which may accompany the tumescent technique include pulmonary edema (from the excess of liquid being injected) or lidocaine toxicity. Both of these risks are extremely rare and only serve to underline the importance of using a board-certified liposuction doctor.

Tumescent liposuction surgeries tend to last much longer than traditional liposuction procedures. In fact, liposuction performed using the tumescent solution can last as long as three to four hours.

Who is a Candidate for the Tumescent Solution Technique?

In truth, anyone who approved for conventional liposuction is a candidate for liposuction using the tumescent solution.

What is the After-Surgery Effect of the Tumescent Solution?

The anesthetic liquid contained in the tumescent solution will continue to work after the liposuction surgery is complete. This will greatly help to decrease the post-surgical pain often associated with liposuction. Its pain relieving properties will also help reduce the need for additional painkillers.

For one to two days after the liposuction surgery, patients can expect to have some minor fluid drainage from the incision sites and there will probably be some noticeable swelling. A few days after the procedure should have you returning to some light activities and you can expect to be back to full speed in a few weeks. In general, it takes about three months for the swelling from tumescent liposuction to fully disappear.